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About Us



Universal Education is an institution committed to improving access to high-quality education for students, teachers, and professionals around the world. We utilize leading education pedagogy and technology from the United States and abroad to provide premium courses and academic support services to students and institutions. Through the integration of accredited courses and institutional relations, we are able to work with students over long periods of time to highlight their true capacity and bring forward well-rounded, bright, enthusiastic learners.


Universal Education utilizes an immersive online classroom environment. This online classroom has interactive tools the teacher and student can use to simulate a real classroom environment, so it feels like they are working together in-person. Universal Education offers a wide range of courses, such as standardized test preparation, accredited K12 courses, accredited university courses, and professional development courses.


Universal Education partners with companies and educational institutions all over the world to offer high-quality education resources including but not limited to courses, teachers, curriculum, and support services. We have a highly flexible partnership model that can be adjusted to any budget, schedule, or academic requirement. Universal Education can provide curriculum for courses, as well as develop customized courses based on the needs of our partners.

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