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How Universal Education Partners with Institutions

Universal Education provides innovative solutions to help schools worldwide extend their reach and expand their capabilities. With our extensive resources, including teachers, curriculum, technology, and institutional relations, we create opportunities for schools to maximize their goals and refocus on getting results for what matters most - students. We can customize our partnerships according to your needs or you can join the Universal Education Association as a Member to gain access to our benefits and resources. We provide all of our member schools accredited diplomas for their Primary, Middle, and High School graduates.

Here are a few of the ways that we partner with institutions around the world:

Test Preparation
Accredited Coursework

Students around the world spend huge amounts of time outside of the classroom preparing for their standardized tests, often spending inordinate amounts of money for subpar instruction delivered in a language other than that of the exam. Universal Education’s test preparation services allow schools to regain control.

Our test preparation services are delivered by U.S. and U.K. certified teachers with a minimum of a Master’s degree. Universal Education training delivers live, real-time instruction to students. Students receive top-of-the-line instruction, while schools benefit from the ability to provide students with test preparation that yields results and maintains continuity with classroom values and goals. Here are the test prep services we offer:









AS and A Levels


Accredited Courses
Accredited Coursework

Even the strongest academic institutions can face resource constraints. With Universal Education, schools can maximize scarce resources and bolster their curricular offerings.

Universal Education course partners expand their academic offerings and maintain control over the quality of their curriculum cost-effectively.

We offer extensive solutions to schools, including Primary School Courses, Middle School Courses, High School Courses, University & Continuing Education Courses, Test Preparation, IB, Cambridge International and AS/A Level curriculum.

Relationship Facilitation
Accredited Coursework

With more and more Schools & Universities traveling the world in search of partnerships, competition is fierce in the international education field.

Universal Education leverages relationships across the world to forge connections and partnerships between International institutions and local schools or universities.

Universal Education nurtures relationships by facilitating high-profile visits ranging from teachers, principals, deans, and rectors, to university professors, administrators, and chancellors. Through any visit or relationship we facilitate, schools and universities gain actionable partnerships that will benefit both parties and help students get increased access and exposure to high-quality educational opportunities.

Recruitment & Enrollment
Accredited Coursework

Today’s international recruitment market is challenging. With more schools and universities entering the market every year, we know that it’s essential for schools to find creative, sustainable ways of diversifying their international student pipelines.

We work with students and institutions in multiple ways and over long periods of time, which makes it possible for us to provide better information to both.

Questions of authenticity, transparency, and reputational risk dominate the national conversation regarding the current agent-based recruitment model. At Universal Education, we work to mitigate those concerns by merging our market expertise with years of experience in international admissions in ways that honor schools’ desires for ethical recruitment.

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