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Frequently Asked Questions


What are some of the advantages of taking synchronous (real-time) online courses?

High Quality: All Universal Education teachers have prime qualifications and are not limited to geographic location.

Flexibility: Real-time online courses provide the necessary flexibility to students with many commitments, as long as they have access to a computer device and internet connection.

Affordability: Universal Education can maintain high quality of instruction while providing affordable tuition rates because students and parents can purchase only the courses and services they need.


The effectiveness and credibility of online education.

Universal Education provides accredited transcripts and certificates, which guarantees their quality and efficacy.


Are there ways to accelerate online degree completion?

Students can select their own schedule in our customizable courses. This means they can accelerate the completion of their program if desired.


What if I have never taken an online course?

Do not worry, Universal Education has a support system in place for both students and parents. In addition to the customer service, CS teachers will guide you through the course each step of the way.


Do online schools offer the same student support services as traditional in-person schools?

Yes, all of the traditional support services that students would expect at their school, like college advising and career guidance are available through Universal Education. Our flexible model allows students to choose exactly what services they want, so they don't end up paying for services they do not need. This is the reason Universal Education can maintain high quality and provide affordable tuition costs.


What technology requirements must my house have for online classes?

All you need is a stable internet connection and a computer device.


Are synchronous courses as effective as face-to-face instruction?

Yes! Universal Education teachers meet with students every session for the entire course duration, e.g. 72-hour course means that the teacher will spend 72 hours meeting with the students, just as if they were to meet in a brick-and-mortar classroom. Interactive tools allow for the course resources to be conveniently shared at any time. More importantly, the students can contact the course teacher whenever they have a question using Messaging tool in our Learning Management System.


Do Universal Education courses count toward my diploma?

Students receive accredited transcripts after taking accredited courses with Universal Education. Students can complete their diploma through Universal Education or submit a credit transfer form to another institution to transfer the credits from their courses.


What are the benefits of learning with Universal Education?

Proven Curriculum: We only utilize accredited curriculum for our courses that have proven learning outcomes for students.

Certified Teachers with Experience: Every teacher at Universal Education is a certified U.S. teacher and 95% of our faculty have Master's Degrees. We pride ourselves in the experience of each of our educators.

Customizable Solutions: With a wide range of courses and support services, students are able to customize their learning path according to their own goals, schedule, and budget.


How do I know if online education is right for me?

Go to the Contact Us page and submit a message to our team. We are happy to schedule a demo class for you with one of our teachers.


What technical skills do online students need?

Basic level of computer proficiency is sufficient. Our Learning Management System is very intuitive. Students or parents are able to request help from our support staff at any time if they need technical assistance.


What is the cost for a course?

Go to our Course Catalogue to view our course selection. Once you see a course you like, submit a form on the Contact Us page and our team can communicate our course options to you.

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